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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Two year old + working from home = little productivity


Well what can I say? I haven't  been here for quite a while and what is my excuse?  Time.......I have none of it and haven't been able to find any properly for the last two and a half years.  My main reason for this is a little, nearly three year old who completely fills my days and to be honest, I  wouldn't have it any other way.  He won't  be little for much longer.....he'll  be all grown up like the other one who is at high school next year! 

I have been doing bits as and when I can and I am hoping I will become more productive again when the littlest supercutie goes to nursery in January!  Looking forward to having more making time (she writes with a huge smile on her face)

So I am writing this at 10.44pm whilst lying in bed, everyone is settled in for the night and I'm the last one up for a change but that means I can share some photos with you........so here goes

My latest project was a set of five dolls, boys and girls.  I have been trying to make some simpler designed dolls so they are easier and quicker to make therefore making them accessible to more people.  Although I still spend far more time on them than l get in return but at least I enjoy every single stitch.  I hope you like them.  Introducing from left to right.....Paulo,  Penelope,  Peggy,  Peppe and Poppy

This lovely lot where inspired by geometric shapes, they all have individual small heat transfers we call tattoos

I also made a collection of three  dolls with a nautical theme earlier on and they lead me on to the geo ones.  Waldo the whale also joined the sailors.

And as we are on a summery theme......I made a little camera keyring and some A4 textile pieces based on notebook pages.   In my head the lines on these are trying to escape and become little pictures.   I have lots more ideas to take these further and will be going back to them sometime soon

Before this little a and her bear popped into my studio.  She grew from some soft cream cotton into a beautiful little lady.  If these dolls didn't take soooooooo long I'd make them all the time......but I do like to play around with other ideas too.  I suppose I start one and it leads me on to the next and I have to bring it to life

I did a little drawing and sewing before little a came along....this is when I started playing with more  black and white and geometric shapes.  I have to do some drawing at times along the way, as well as see new places and things otherwise the mess inside my head wouldn't be quite so messy.  Although not all ideas start from here, others just randomly pop up but  I'm sure subconsciously something has sparked it.  I know many of you can relate to this

Make something was a piece that was really about giving myself a kick up the arse.  I needed to get going and just couldn't.....mainly due to the fact that when I start something I need to finish and sometimes I just need to be a mum.....this is an argument I find I have in my head quite a lot.   This is how I visualised my head  batterings

There are some other bits of work still to show but I know you don't want to be here all night so maybe another time but this all came between.........

adventure playgrounds

sand castle building

capybara feeding

dog walking


pie face splatting

cake making

being spanish

mini golfing


potty training

train set building

statue visiting

friend making


astronaut suit making

and stair painting

phew !!!! think I'm done......not going to leave it as long next time, it was exhausting!! lol
Thanks for coming, Nic xxx

Oh and if any of you know of some amazing, free things to do with the kids up here in the north Id really appreciate you sharing x

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